Learning Web Development

Where to start learning web development languages

With everything be centered around the internet, learning how the internet works and the languages behind can be an interesting and fun topic. Learning core languages like HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript can be done easily with the many resources that are available on the internet.

The w3schools is an excellent resource to learn important languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScipt, jQuery and many other integral parts of the web. The w3schools covers the many nuances of each language and has a built in text editor so users can test and modify code to create a better learning experience. This is a great starting point for anyone who wants to start learning the languages of the web.


Although you can start coding on notepad, a dedicated text editor is highly recommended. A dedicated text editor will make coding a better experience with syntax highlighting, extensibility, text formatting, and other various features. There are plenty of free text editors to help new web developers start writing their own code. Notepad++, Brackets, and Microsoft Visual Studio Code are some common text editors.


Here are links to the websites for the mentioned text editors: